Indian restaurants have long tradition in Brno, there are over 20 restaurants in Brno.Oldest Restaurant in Brno was TAJ which later was renamed as FLAVOURS in centre Brno. Same team who was operating FLAVOURS is behind Newly opened Pub and Indian Grill in Bohunice.

Czech People Loves Indian Cuisine but CURRIES are the only connection they make with Indian cuisine. Dr. INDY is trying to bring other specialities from India than only Curries.We respect the BEER Culture of Czech Republic. “We are making an effort to bring Czech Beer and Indian Food together in its Best form” says Tejinder Riar ,Chef owner with vast experience from prestigious Hotels in USA and UK, who is also operating KOZLOVNA U MALCHRU in Brno.


Years back cooking Indian Food in Czech Republic was a great challenge due to logistic reasons,but these days most of the spices and other ingredients are easily available in supermarkets and wholesalers.How you get the authentic Indian Taste? That is only possible from Indian Chefs who are working in our restaurants because Indian cuisine doesn’t come with a standard recipe.Our Chefs are well experienced and trained from all over India and they are living long enough in Europe to understand European Palate.We are trying to present Indian Food in European ways as most of ours guests still find difficult to choose from vast Indian Cuisine.


Dr.INDY, is Tejinder Riar- Chef owner of many restaurants in Brno and Prague who originates from  PUNJAB state of INDIA who is a Professional Chef. Studied Hotel Management from India’s top Institute -IHM CHENNAI, worked 6 years in USA and 6 years in UK as a Chef in prestigious CruiseLines and Hotels. Living in Czech Republic almost a decade,married to a Czech who comes from a traditional restaurant business family,who owned traditional restaurant U MALCHRU in Zidenice from last 125 years, where presently couple is running KOZLOVNA U MALCHRU. Riar is not only operating Indian restaurants but also Czech and Italian in Brno and Prague. And what more about Dr.Indy? Proud father of a daughter ,husband and a Field Hockey player for BRNO club and big fan of Indian Traditional sport – Kabbadi.

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Dr. Indy pub & indian grill spojuje indickou kuchyni s českým pivem. Tradiční české pivo, především vyhlášený český ležák plzeňského typu je už přes 150 let osvědčenou recepturou. Nechceme vymýšlet něco nového, když už to nejlepší čeští sládci dávno vymysleli. Čepujeme tedy Kozla ve všech jeho variantách a plzeňskou dvanáctku, která český ležák ve světě proslavila. 

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